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Yelp rates patient experience better than satisfaction surveys

The crowdsourcing site Yelp, in which customers rate the quality of restaurants, hotels and a wide range of other businesses, does a better job than the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey in rating the quality of hospital stays, according to a new study. Read the article 

Case Study: Improving care in Northeast Georgia

Read about how Northeast Georgia Health system created a department of Operation Excellence based on the Toyota Production System with astounding results.  The Department uses best practices and principles from other industries, including visual management and daily huddles. Read the article in the March issue of Industrial Engineer magazine.

A Model to Evaluate Efficiency in Operating Room Processes
In the operating room, efficiency is related to minutes pared from surgical time. The link between operating room efficiency and the composition of surgical teams has been investigated, yet research on the efficiency of surgical nursing staff members and operating room durations is scant. The purpose of this study was to assess the effects of nursing staff arrangements in surgery, with a view to better planning of staff training and structure to achieve savings in time and money. Read more 

Want to get involved? Join a SHS Committee
Are you interested in joining a SHS committee? Looking to expand your network and volunteer experience? The committees have set their goals for the year and are looking for help achieving them. SHS is a member-led organization. We look forward to working with you!

If you are interested, please reach out to the committee via the emails below, even if you’re just curious about how you can fit in to the SHS organization! 

Communications  shs.networking@gmail.com
Conference  shs.hspic@gmail.com
Education shs.education1@gmail.com
Academic and Student shs.academic@gmail.com
Early Career and Young Professional shs.youngprofessionals@gmail.com
Experienced Professionals shs.experiencedprofessionals@gmail.com  

SHS Early Career/Young Professionals – Member Highlight
This month’s SHS EC/YP Highlight is Jordan Aronhalt:

AronhaltJordan Aronhalt is the director of operations for the Center for Advanced Medicine at Northwell Health in New York. He has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Ohio State University and has previously worked as an engineering consultant in Washington, D.C. In his spare time Aronhalt enjoys reading, exploring New York City, playing video games and outdoor activities.

Click here for information about how to contact the Young/Early Career Professional Committee. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at SHS.YoungProfessionals@gmail.com.

5 Ways Healthcare Systems Can Capture Scale
Is it really possible for hospitals to generate scale and reduce operating costs while still delivering high-quality care? Read this recent article from Becker's Hospital CFO outlines five alternate ways to capture scale without resorting to a merger or acquisition. 

Hoshin kanri for a professional society?
Like any worthwhile enterprise, IISE’s Society for Health Systems (SHS) regularly updates its vision, mission and strategic plan. The last revision took place in 2012, so this year the SHS board arrived at February’s Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference a day early to revisit the plan and align it with market needs. Read about the process the board took and learn how hoshin kanri may help in your organization.  

From the April Newsletter

Industrial Engineer to Director of Operations: How Engineering and Healthcare Work Together

SHS member, Jordan Aronhalt, presented a webinar about his career experiences as an ISE in healthcare and his pathway to becoming a director of operations for an ambulatory healthcare facility at the recent HIMSS conference. He discusses the career path of undergrad ISE to healthcare to director. You can learn the types of tasks and projects involved in day to day operations for a healthcare ISE and director of operations and gather tips for career advancement from college to young professional. Watch the replay here.

If You’re Not Collecting Productivity Data, You’ll Never Succeed at Work

The best chance knowledge workers have to cost-effectively compete with smart(er) machines is by embracing technologies to become smarter and more influential themselves. The typical American office worker reportedly processes well over 5,000 megabytes a day. That number is rising. Failure to convert rising data tides into greater personal productivity is an invitation to unemployment. This will hold as true for Indian and Chinese knowledge workers as their OECD counterparts. This trend is as global as it gets. If you’re not getting measurably better, you’re going to go away. Read more here.

Is Your Staffing Ratio Right for Your Case Management Model?

recent article recommends case management Staffing models should be based on model rather than patient ratios. Priority should be given to evaluating tasks and activities that case managers are performing and focusing on high-value activities and shifting non-licensure required activities to other staff.

JACR Hackathon 2016 in D.C. May 14-15

Hosted by the Journal of the American College of Radiology (JACR), this two-day event gathers tech-minded individuals and teams with mentors from the patient, physician, and publishing communities to improve the exchange of information among patient, healthcare provider, and peer-review communities.

Prizes for the best judged ideas will total $8,000. We are looking for team participants as well as mentors to provide insight on this challenge facing all of healthcare. Contact Lauren Todd or find more about the event here: http://www.jacr-hackathon.com 

YP Highlight

This month we highlight Amy Slovacek.

Members with Successful Careers

Interested in learning more about career paths in healthcare industrial engineering? Read about SHS members who have had successful careers using their industrial skills in healthcare. These are the newest bios available.  

  • Laura Silvoy, Healthcare Systems Engineer at Array Advisors
  • Jordan Aronhalt, Director of Operations for the Center for Advanced Medicine at the Northwell Health System
  • Elizabeth Gentry, Program Manager of Data Science at CHRISTUS Health

Members on the Move

Who is "on the move?" Jean Ann Larson, Karl Kraebber and Corbin Pozar - click here to see why.


March 2016

SHS Newsletter

The March issue of the SHS Newsletter shares information from the Healthcare Systems Improvement Conference held February 17-19 at the Hilton-Americas in Houston. 

Other articles remind you to mark your calendar for the March 22 SHS State of the Society webinar and SHS News Watch, with information about reducing preventable harm in hospitals. Be sure to check out the full list of IISE Webinars at www.iise.org/webinars.   



  Six Sigma Green Belt for Healthcare
Norcross, GA - 3 Days

  Lean Six Sigma Black Belt for Healthcare
Norcross, GA - 20 Days

  Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Healthcare
Norcross, GA - 5 Days

  Principles in Patient Flow and Throughput
Norcross, GA - 2 Days

  Six Sigma Black Belt for Healthcare
Norcross, GA - 15 Days

  Six Sigma Green Belt for Healthcare
Norcross, GA - 3 Days

  Lean Green Belt for Healthcare
Norcross, GA - 3 Days

  Lean Black Belt for Healthcare
Norcross, GA - 8 Days

  Six Sigma Green Belt for Healthcare
Norcross, GA - 3 Days

  Six Sigma Black Belt for Healthcare
Norcross, GA - 15 Days