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Industrial Engineer Engineering and Management Solutions at Work

June 2016    |    Volume: 48    |    Number: 6

The member magazine of the Institute of Industrial Engineers

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Is that a driverless truck alongside you?

ROI will push autonomous vehicles into industrial areas more quickly, but they are coming - eventually - to the open road
By Richard E. Crandall and Samuel K. Formby 

In management models, it's all mental

Framing the situation well leads to a more proactive approach
By Stephen C. Harper 

Set-based design for success

A controversial lean tool can bring products to market cheaper, better, faster
By Stefan Rudolf and Bastian Luedtke 

The Red Queen effect on fighter jets

Looking through the glass of a solid execution model improves maintenance activities
By Satya S. Chakravorty 


Top stories in this month's industrial engineering news

  • Digital failings
  • Primary care proves unpredictable
  • We don't like our blueberries shaken
  • Online master's degree gaining credibility
  • When good production beats bad behavior
  • Electric commuting in Mexico City
  • Tools to engage your employees
  • Customers complain; airline performance improves
  • Spinning new human tissue
  • When killing R&D is good
  • Laser-guided industrial precision
  • They came for the beetle's brains
  • Book of the month: First, Break All the Rules: What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently by Gallup Press


Performance by Kevin McManus

Toward total effective time utilization

Management by Paul Engle

Owning your own consulting business

Health Systems by William "Ike" Eisenhauer

Big problems with big data

Innovation by Nabil Nasr

Taking IoT on the road


This month in IIE news

The June issue features stories that include conference highlights about AEC 2016, including Ergo Cup winners; an interview with IISE's New Face of Engineering 2016 winner, Amrika Ramjewan; IISE leaders at the 2016 Engineering Public Policy Symposium in D.C.; the IISE International Conference kicks off in July; IISE chapter and chapter newsletter recognitions; and a volunteer snapshot of IISE Technical Vice President Gillian Nicholls, who has has been an active IISE volunteer for more than 20 years. 

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June 2016



“In IoT, the existing web of internet-based connectivity will be vastly enlarged by the addition of smart appliances, wearables and other “things” with built-in sensing and networking capabilities. Similarly, IoT in manufacturing embeds conventional industrial tools and equipment with sensors, intelligence and connectivity."  

– Nabil Nasr, contributor for the innovation column in ISE 


The best job ever 

The best job ever

Mark Wallace with UPS discusses why his job is the coolest job for an industrial engineer in this December 2014 Web exclusive.

Resurrection in Atlanta 

Resurrection in Atlanta

Members of the IISE Atlanta Chapter appear in this October 2014 video to discuss the value of a revitalizing the chapter.

Training humanitarian IEs 

Training humanitarian IEs

IE interviews the three co-directors of Georgia Tech’s Center for Health and Humanitarian Logistics.