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Industrial Engineer Engineering and Management Solutions at Work

February 2014    |    Volume: 46    |    Number: 2

The member magazine of the Institute of Industrial Engineers

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Health Systems by William "Ike" Eisenhauer

Industrial Engineer’s monthly column about health systems (February 2014) 

Everything possible means nothing useful

Pssst, healthcare executive, I have a deal for you. It will make all your management dreams come true. My team can build (for a "not-so-nominal" fee) a "hybrid agent-based, system dynamic, discrete-event Monte Carlo Markov chain" simulation model of every facet of your hospital operations. No need to bother with those pesky PDSA cycles or engage your front-line staff anymore, as you will have at your fingertips a miniature version of your healthcare system that you can tweak and optimize to your heart’s desire. Imagine the power, imagine the insight – imagine the horror when it all goes wrong … buzzzzzzz.

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