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GOErgo, the Global Organization of Ergonomics, presents the 18th Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference (AEC)!

GOErgo presents the Applied Ergonomics Conference, where attendees gather from around the world to share best practices with other professionals in ergonomics, healthcare, safety, human resources and risk management. Mark your calendar for March 16-19, 2015, and plan to join us in Nashville, Tenn., and take advantage of the opportunity to improve your ergonomics skills, gain insight and connect with global professionals at this year's conference.

ErgoWeb lists university programs for ergonomics and human factors

Ergoweb just released its list of university programs for ergonomics and human factors based on contributions by participating universities. Site visitors can browse the participating universities by country including Australia, Saudi Arabia and the U.S.

Keynote Speaker William Boyd talks about opportunities for AEC 2015 conference attendees

Click here to watch a video on YouTube featuring an interview with Boyd, where he discusses how AEC 2015 is a prime opportunity for ergonomics practitioners and students can take advantage of this opportunity "to learn and grow from each other."

Auburn University student Neely Ketzler explains why students should attend AEC 2015

Click here to watch Auburn University student Neely Ketzler talk about the education and networking opportunities that await students at the 18th Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference. She also discusses a new mentoring program where students can be paired up with professionals in ergonomics to receive career advice.

AEC 2015 promoted at conference in South America

Click here to see photos from the recent ABRAFIT Conference, sponsored by the Occupational Physical Therapy Association in Brazil.

A look back at the Applied Ergonomics Conference 2014

Tweeting frenzy

More AEC attendees shared their conference experience on social media in 2014, especially on Twitter. Here are a few of the best tweets about this year's conference:

  • Nancy Laurie (@neddy727): "Learned about the BIFMA standard at the Precon #AEC2014 wonder if there is a similar standard for tractor trailer seating. Anyone know?"
  • Brian Sherman (@brian_r_sherman): "Great job AEC planners including Green Belt opportunity at #AEC2014"
  • Axendia Tweets (@Axendia): "The best benefit is not sitting or standing, but the transition to and from each. Says, Dr. Mark Benden #AEC2014"
  • GOErgo (@GOErgoIIE): "[Keynote speaker] Drury: 'The last thing you want when dealing with nerve gas is an error. #AEC2014 #ergonomics'"
  • Humantech, Inc. (@humantech): "Get buy-in from cross functional teams and communicate need for change #AEC2014"

AEC 2014 award winners are an elite group. View last year’s list of winners of the Ergo Cup® competition, the Ergo Excellence Awards and the Ergo Quiz Bowl.

Check out a photo album of the 17th Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference.