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The University of Texas at Arlington Chapter 878

By Emilie Gerhart 

The University of Texas at Arlington IIE Chapter has reached out to their students in an impressive way. This chapter’s leadership has published its own newsletter. Their publication is complete with student and professor spotlights, career and research opportunities, event schedules and a look into the healthcare industry. In the chapter’s first newsletter, the Editor Kristopher Leonhardt describes what the newsletter aims to accomplish. He explains that the chapter targets to advance the development of the Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Texas at Arlington. The students plan to accomplish this goal by encouraging its student members to grow by taking part in the undertakings presented to the chapter.

In addition to the chapter’s dedication to promoting IIE on paper, the students have also organized and participated in many events. From general meetings, community service and plant tours, to cookouts and fundraisers this chapter’s leaders provide a well-rounded and enriching experience for its members.

This summer the chapter hopes to give a new look and feel to their current newsletter publication. With the first year of experience under their belt, the future publications are sure to develop and expand to coincide with the growing success of the Arlington Chapter.

From the look of the smiling faces of the students, it is clear that this chapter’s student members are benefiting in a major way due to the diligence and excitement of the chapter’s leadership and participation. Way to go Chapter 878!

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