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Sustainable Development Division

Welcome! You’ve reached the new home of the Sustainable Development Division

The mission of the Sustainable Development Division is to advance the general welfare of humankind by applying the resources and creative abilities of the industrial engineering profession to the development of sustainable societies.

Division Board of Directors | Division Bylaws Division Leadership Team 

The purposes of the Sustainable Development Division of the Institute of Industrial Engineers are to:

  • Develop, maintain, and disseminate a body of technical knowledge.
  • Provide a forum for technical networking.
  • Be perceived as the voice of the technical specialty.
  • Support IIE’s mission, provide member value, and promote the discipline.

Interested in joining our division?

It's open to professional and student members. To join the division online, click here. Select "Update your member record" and under "Divisions and Societies" check "Sustainable Development."

President's message - Diana Berry 

Diana BarryWe would like to say thank you to all our members who contributed this year to make our work in the Sustainable Development Division possible. We had student membership growth as well as professional membership growth. We launched our webinars initiative this year ending with two webinars and two more planned for first semester of 2015. Our LinkedIn group continues growing and we also have our new Facebook and Twitter accounts set up for all our members to participate. We are excited about the release of our "Best Student Paper Award" at the annual conference in Tennessee next year! We wish all our members Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  

Division Membership
The sustainability division’s membership has been steadily growing since our inception in 2009, and we are proud to announce that we have reached 2,325 members across academia and industry. The breakdown of our membership can be seen in the graph below.
Membership Graph - December 2014
 Sustainable Development Division Facebook Page
Facebook logoThe sustainability division now has a Facebook page, where we will post updates about upcoming events and webinars, as well as interesting articles on the topic of sustainability. Join the conversation by liking IIE Sustainable Development Division Facebook page.

 Facebook Page pic 

The sustainable division is hosting webinars through IIE website. Click here to view previous webinars. Be sure to tune into the next webinar which will be at 2 p.m. EST Feb. 24. See below for a schedule of past and future webinars.

Upcoming webinar 

  • Builder - Sustainable Management System Tool - Feb. 24, 2015 - Presenter: J.D. Freeman
    This webinar will focus on a sustainment management system (BUILDER SMS) tool to catalog inventories and utilizes deterioration algorithms that accurately predict future funding requirements to economically sustain facility capabilities. 

Previous Webinars 

  • Six Sigma Techniques in Reducing Electricity - Dec. 2 - Presenter: Brion Hurley.
    Learn how Lean and Six Sigma techniques were used to assist a large manufacturing facility with electricity reduction. A top-down statistical regression analysis was used to identify focus areas, and a bottoms-up "Go and See" event format was used to engage employees in seeing energy waste. 
  • Industrial Engineering and Sustainability - Sept. 18 - Presenters: John Corliss and Claire Nelson
    Learn how the knowledge and tools of industrial engineering can be applied to social, environmental and economic sustainability. 

Innovation Spotlight

Innovation Spotlight - Dec. 18In our efforts to create a sustainable future for our planet and our society, one important thing we can do is look to role models. In doing this we also need to open our minds to accepting and embracing new ways of living our lives, conducting business, and supporting others in their same efforts.

One country that is setting a particularly good example of thinking and acting sustainably is Sweden. Sweden came out on top in the recently released ranking of 60 countries according to sustainability by consulting firm Dual Citizen Inc. in its fourth annual Global Green Economy Index. The rankings take into account a wide range of economic indicators and datasets regarding leadership on climate change, encouragement of efficiency sectors, market facilitation and investing in green technology and sustainability and management of ecosystems and natural capital. Read full article 

Sustainable Development Division Awards -Sponosred by APL Logistics

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 Excellence in Teaching of Sustainability Award At the 2015 IIE National conference the Sustainability Division will be presenting it second annual Excellence in Sustainability Teaching award. The award will be presented to an educator who has done outstanding work in the field of Sustainability. This award would not have been possible without the support of our sponsor, APL Logistics. For eligibility, deadlines, and nomination information, click here
Student Paper Competition The Sustainable Development Division recognizes students are a large part of IIE membership and the Sustainable Development Best Student Paper award will serve to encourage students to continue developing the field of sustainability and contributing with high quality research. The winner will be announced at the IIE Annual Conference & Expo May 30 - June 2, 2015, in Nashville, Tennessee.
Eligibility - In order to be qualified for the award, students must: 

  •  Submit a paper (invited or contributed) for the conference using the usual submission process. 
  •  Present their work at the Annual Conference. 

For more information please visit the Award web page.This award would not have been possible without the support of our sponsor, APL Logistics.  


Division news  

The IIE Sustainable Development Division has a LinkedIn group!
This is a great place to virtually network, learn and share with other professionals interested in sustainability. We currently have more than 3,000 members and are looking forward to welcoming more members. If you are interested in joining the group please visit
Sustainable Social, Economic, and Environmental Development - Institute of Industrial Engineers.

Expanding our division

Expanding our division graphicIn addition to IIE are you involved in either Engineers Without Borders or the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education? We would like to reach out to these organizations and see how industrial engineers can become part of the process. If so please contact John Corliss 

Meet the Sustainable Development Division Board members | View contact information for board members 

Division Bylaws

Bylaws are the written rules that control the affairs of the division. Generally, the bylaws define the division's official name, purpose, requirements for membership, officers' titles and responsibilities, how offices are to be assigned, how meetings should be conducted, and how often meetings will be held. The Bylaws also govern the way the division must function as well as the roles and responsibilities of our officers.

View the Division Bylaws  

If you are interested in helping out and being part of the leadership team, contact us at president@iie-sdd.org.

Have a question? Want to submit an article? Contact Brion Hurley.

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