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We invite and encourage attendees to view the 2016 list of exhibiting companies at the Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference. Please continue to check back for 2017 exhibitors to be listed soon.

Binghamton University
Binghamton University - Booth #113 

With so very few engineering-based healthcare degrees in existence, Binghamton University is proud to offer an accelerated Executive Master of Science in Health Systems degree program in Manhattan. Students can learn from award-winning professors and industry professionals from various allied health systems and complete their degree in one year.



 CreateASoft - Booth #202 

Next Generation Predictive Analytics and Dynamic Simulation, Simcad Pro Health, offers an intuitive and interactive 3D simulation environment to improve, optimize and visualize healthcare systems. From ED and OR to hospital logistics and resource planning, Simcad Pro Health integrates with live and historical data to provide the most effective and interactive simulation system on the market today. Check out SimTrack Health w/SmaRTLS for Real-Time Visibility and Reporting with Predictive Analytics and Prescriptive Analytics.




 Expeditor Systems - Booth # 

Expeditorapplies LEAN management principles to increase efficiency in patient flow which results in better quality of care and higher patient satisfaction.

Typically, 30-60 minutes of wasted time per provider per day can be recovered. That translates to 2-3 more patients seen per day, 6-12% more time with each patient or a combination of the two.



FlexSim Healthcare

 FlexSim Healthcare - Booth #209 

FlexSim HCis the leading software choice for modeling healthcare systems. Come see how you can use FlexSim HC to design more effective and efficient solutions to your complex healthcare management problems. You'll love the 3-D animation, and will be surprised at how quick and easy youcan build a simulation model of youroperations. Get better information for better decisions!



Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute

 Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute - Booth #103 

HSyE's mission is to broadly impact healthcare improvement through education, research and application in systems engineering methods. This is defined by undergraduate and graduate academic programs, national experiential coop education and summer internship programs, three federally-awarded healthcare IE centers, and competitive scholarships. We rely on industry-university partnerships to advance the shared missions of healthcare improvement and workforce development.


Lehigh University

Lehigh University - Booth #204 

The Healthcare Systems Engineering program at Lehigh provides students with the necessary background, specialized knowledge and management skills required to identify inefficiencies in healthcare systems and propose appropriate alternatives to reduce cost, increase efficiency and improve the overall quality of our health care system.


McKesson - Booth #208

McKesson Capacity and workforce management solutions can help you achieve sustainable operating margins by:

  • Aligning staffing with predicted patient demand
  • Optimizing workforce efficiency and productivity
  • Improving patient flow and care quality




 MOSIMTEC - Booth #203 

MOSIMTEC provides consulting services and software for predictive analytics, data visualization and analysis. We have extensive experience in developing simulation and analytical models to help healthcare professionals' better design their systems and processes, reducing waste and wait times, increasing patient throughput and improving staff utilization.


North Carolina State University ISE 

North Carolina State University ISE - Booth #102/104 

As one of the nation's top academic programs, we seek to lead the profession by providing tomorrow's leaders. Not only are we developing revolutionary ideas in traditional areas, we are pioneering breakthroughs in new ones such as Health Systems Engineering. Check out Booth 102 to see how we are changing the world.



Phase 5 Group

Phase 5 Group - Booth #105

Phase 5 Group is the pioneer of EON®, the first ever Collaborative Business Improvement Platform. EON® drastically improves the way multisite organizations, including diversified healthcare providers, scalably and reliably improve their business. By integrating strategies, improvement projects, performance analytics, and best practices execution into one holistic cloud platform, EON® drives unparalleled accountability, visibility, and results.



ProcessPlan - Booth #206 

 ProcessPlan is the world's easiest process manager. All you need to build any process is a box and two colors. ProcessPlan ensures that every process in your organization is followed and executed perfectly every time. With many one-of-a-kind features, powerful automation and management reporting, ProcessPlan will eliminate mistakes in every department.



Parallon - Booth #115 

Parallon is a leading provider of healthcare business and operational services. Parallon partners with hospitals, healthcare systems and non-acute care providers to improve their business performance through our deep knowledge and proven practices in revenue cycle; technology; workforce management; consulting; and group purchasing and supply chain via HealthTrust.



QGenda Inc.

QGenda Inc. - Booth #108

QGenda is the industry leader in automated physician scheduling. QGenda provides Software-as-a-Service that automatically generates optimized physician work schedules to accommodate complex business rules via QGenda's high powered algorithm. In addition, QGenda accurately schedules the appropriate medical provider based on his or her skill level, specialty, availability, and preferences.


Please stop by the QGenda booth to learn more about us or visit our website www.QGenda.com.


Simio Simulation and Scheduling Software

 Simio Simulation and Scheduling Software - Booth #212/214 

Critical facility design/process improvement decisions can drag on for years while stakeholders struggle to reach consensus.Simio Simulation Software helps you build evidence and “buy-in” by coupling stunning 3D visualizations with powerful predictive analysis.Patented rapid modeling technology with unprecedented flexibility helps you build realistic models without writing computer code.



SIMUL8 for Healthcare

 SIMUL8 Healthcare - Booth #114 

From strategic to operational planning, SIMUL8'sintuitive healthcare simulation software has helped transform healthcare delivery, reduce costs and improve patient outcomes worldwide. Our specialized healthcare team is dedicated to improving healthcare with simulation and is already working with organizations including Geisinger, Johns Hopkins, BJC, and the UK’s NHS.



Society for Health Systems

 Society for Health Systems - Booth #107/109 

The Society for Health Systems is a professional association that focuses on the needs and resources of health systems professionals and leaders who are charged with improving healthcare processes. SHS offers the latest in process analytics, tools, techniques and methodologies for performance improvement.



Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care

Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care - Booth #211 

The Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care assists facilities in their efforts to create cardiovascular centers of excellence that delivers quality care and patient satisfaction in a cost sensitive environment. SCPC offers hospitals the support needed to effectively reduce variations of care and bridge existing gaps in treatment. www.scpc.org  



Texas A&M University MS Analytics

 Texas A&M University MS Analytics - Booth #106 

The Department of Statistics in partnership with Mays Business School atTexas A&M Universityoffers a M.S. degree in Analytics which prepares working managers and professionals to optimize business performance and identify new business opportunities. A part-time program for working professionals at Houston CityCentre and via live video.



Truven Health Analytics

Truven Health Analytics - Booth #112 

Truven Health Analytics delivers leading performance improvement solutions built on data integrity, advanced analytics, and domain expertise. Our insights and solutions have been providing hospitals and clinicians the facts they need to make confident decisions that positively affect the health and well-being of people and organizations around the world.



University of Tennessee Graduate & Executive Education

 University of Tennessee (UT) Graduate & Executive Education - Booth #201 

University of Tennessee Graduate & Executive Education, home to the nation’s #1 physician executive MBA program, conducts CME-certified education for medical professionals; delivers custom on-site training in Lean Healthcare, Lean OR, and Lean for Scheduled Healthcare; and facilitates on-site PI and QI transformation projects for healthcare organizations.