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IIE Annual Conference & Expo 2013 - Student Opportunities

"In The Field: The Successful Road Map for Engineering and Management Systems Students"
Applied Solutions Session
Date and Time TBD

It is critical for students who are focusing on engineering management fields to get more knowledge regarding the latest practical development and applications in EM. This knowledge has a significant impact on their career success, whether they are going to a practical area or being in research oriented environment in their future road map.

SEMS is established to support professionals and academic members of the society in terms of applying engineering principles to business practices. One of the SEMS Student Initiatives is collecting the latest practical developments and applications from the field and sharing them with students. This Applied Solutions presentation is designed to introduce this practice and application initiative to students. There will be some new online speaker series to share recent practical developments, methodologies, and tools in various engineering management areas of interest to students and recent graduates, including product development, program management, lean improvement, and enterprise systems. By the end of the presentation, we hope that students are introduced to more of the latest practical concepts, tools, and techniques from the field, are aware and excited to participate in the ongoing speaker series, and can add at least one idea to their IE toolbox, making them more competitive candidates as they enter the job market and, overall, more competent engineers.

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