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March 2016 Presidents' Message

New Year, New Vote for SEMS! 

Dear SEMS Members,

Tis the season! Not for Christmas, but certainly for elections. It is hard to turn on the television without a barrage of ads and positioning statements. The democratic electoral process was completed for the SEMS' Board of Directors. We are pleased announce the winners; as we have a marvelous group of colleagues joining the SEMS Board. We know that we will be in good hands when the transition occurs at the SEMS''' Town Hall in Anaheim in May this year.

Sreekanth Ramakrishnan was elected as our president-elect. Sreekanth previously served on the SEMS Board and is a current co-chair of the Applied Solutions Track at the 2016 IIE Annual Conference and Expo. It is wonderful to have a SEMS member from industry move into the president-elect position. SEMS industry memberships have declined in the past few years and we need to hear their voices to best serve the profession. Joining the SEMS Board are Ona Egbue, currently the SEMS membership champion; Patrick Hester, currently serving as co-chair of the ISERC EM track; and Pilar Pazos. Each brings a strong commitment to SEMS and IISE! And note that we said IISE … it is a time of change and growth for the society and we all look forward to seeing the new logos and updates now that we are the Institute of Industrial and System Engineers! Again, a demonstration of our voices being heard.

We hope the stories of your colleagues will inspire you to find your passion in SEMS! We want to hear from you! We count on you to help us set our direction! As always, we welcome suggestions to ensure SEMS remains your preferred knowledge society for engineering and management systems. Contact any of your Officers or the Newsletter Editor today! And, of course, see you in Anaheim!

Suzanna Long, SEMS President
Charlene Yauch, SEMS President-elect
Wiljeana Jackson Glover, SEMS Immediate Past President

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Time for the professional roundtable | IIE Annual Conference and Expo

The 2016 IIE Annual Conference and Expo is happening on May 21–24 at the Disneyland Resort Hotel, Anaheim, California, USA. SEMS sponsors the Engineering Management tracks in both the ISERC and the Applied Solutions Conference. In addition to the Engineering Management Tracks, the annual conference will feature the SEMS Town Hall and many student activities. The student activities include presentations geared to students, networking opportunities, and a Student Best Paper Competition. Please make your plans today to join your SEMS colleagues at the 2016 annual ISERC and Applied Solutions Conference! Early registration discounts are available through April 8, 2016. Click here for more details. See you in Anaheim!

Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference (ISERC) and Applied Solutions Conference (ASC) – Engineering Management co-Track Chairs:

  • Paul Componation, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of the Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington
  • Patrick T. Hester, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering, Old Dominion University
  • Brian K. Smith, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Mississippi State University

Applied Solutions Conference (ASC) – Engineering Management co-Track Chairs:

SEMS Student Initiatives Champion:

  • Cecilia Martinez, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Engineering Management, at Clarkson University School of Business.

SEMS Says | 'Where are the engineers?' applies to customer experience, too

I thought I was ready for anything. Then came a call from a colleague who had just been named the inaugural chief experience officer for a technical solutions and business services company.

Researching the field of customer experience yielded an enormous quantity of information but no scientific body of knowledge. Critics say the field suffers from a high “rhetoric to results” ratio. Most customer experience programs are anecdotal accounts about a basket of interventions, but rarely can folks explain the scientific foundation of an idea or predict its effect.

I wondered, "Where are the engineers?" Read more.

SEMS Says | Cyber as an emerging area for industrial engineers

One of the most exciting aspects of being an industrial engineer is the ability to enact real change through continuous improvement initiatives, especially when opportunities arise in emerging areas such as cybersecurity. Although computer science and network infrastructure research have dominated this realm, IEs are ready to make their contributions. Read more.

International perspective | Risk: growing underpinning of successful operations

The world is an increasingly dynamic and interconnected place. The use of global supply chains in an uncertain world, the need for sustainable requirements and the increasing use of information systems that tie in different partners and processes alike all add to the operational uncertainty. This makes risk a major and constant consideration. However, current risk management approaches are insufficient, necessitating the development of three conditions that are lacking. Read more.

Let's read and share a book (SEMS book browse) | Sharing knowledge

Principles of Macroeconomics by OpenStax College. Published by OpenStax College
ISBN-10: 1938168259, ISBN-13: 978-1-938168-25-3, 611 pages (March 2014)

This easily accessible book works for both the university student and the practitioner, whether you are now learning about Macroeconomics or need a refresher course. This book is published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

The text made quick work about the general behaviors of economics, macroeconomics (economic behavior of countries), political macroeconomics and some social macroeconomics. While the book has a U.S.-centric approach, it also covers international perspectives in the various chapters related to international trade, capital flows, exchange rates, globalization and banking. The authors did a good job of explaining supply and demand and the Neoclassical and Keynesian perspectives of macroeconomics. As it is a textbook, it also brings in diagrams and practice questions to reinforce the materials being discussed.

For the practitioner who is using the book as a refresher reading, Principles of Macroeconomics exhibits numerous practical examples to bring the topic to life. If practitioners look at this book as more professional reading instead of a textbook, it makes for a good and enjoyable read. In fact, reading it on the iPad or e-reader does just that. The authors also have kept the material up to-date on current economic affairs. At the time of writing, the book was at revision version: MA-1-002-RS. By the time you read the book, the version might have been updated again.

So download for it free in EPUB, PDF or HTML format. If you prefer a physical book, then you can procure individual print copies or bulk orders through the OpenStax website.

If you have any other books, that can be reviewed, contact Daren Maynard, Newsletter Editor.

Lend a helping hand | Call for volunteers


If you are interested in volunteering for SEMS activities, contact Suzanna Long, SEMS president, or Daren Maynard, newsletter editor.


March/April 2016

Industrial Management is the member publication of the Society for Engineering & Management Systems. The March/April 2016 issue features articles about the impact of smart technology, common software project management mistakes, how a business case helps you identify other points of view and how research has produced better ways to implement change. In SEMS Says, Jerry Seufert and Natalie Scala show how industrial engineers are needed everywhere.

SEMS Newsletter

The March 2016 issue of the SEMS Newsletter features articles about cyber as an emerging area for Industrial Engineers, the underpinning of successful operations and wonders, "Where are the engineers?"  Don't forget to complete the SEMS Membership Survey.  

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