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Suzie LongWe are global! We want to be involved! There is more we want to do! Let's be part of the global SEMS family! 

It was a pleasure to see many of you at the SEMS Town Hall meeting and at the IIE Annual Conference. I would like to highlight several priorities discussed as part of ongoing SEMS initiatives and activities.

We are global! We had 40 attendees at the Town Hall session including many international participants. We live in an increasingly global world! SEMS is well-positioned to help engineering managers make vital global connections whether in industry or the academy. Did you know that IIE has an increasing presence with its offering of international conferences as well? Read more about the society's initiatives and activities.

IIE Annual Conference & Expo 2015 | Best Paper Award

Each year, the IIE Annual Conference and Expo hosts two concurrent conferences: the Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference (ISERC) and the Applied Solutions Conference (ASC). SEMS sponsors Engineering Management tracks in both ISERC and Applied Solutions. We chose one of the submitted papers from the ISERC – EM track for our best paper award.

Mark S. Avenet   Mark S. Avnet  Alaa Elwany     Alaa Elwany  This year we awarded the SEMS Best Paper Award to Mark S. Avnet and Alaa Elwany from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, for their paper, "Additive Manufacturing of Complex Products by DSM-Based Analysis of Architectures." Abstract | Full Paper 

Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference (ISERC) and Applied Solutions Conference (ASC) – co-Engineering Management Chairs

  • Brian K. Smith, Ph.D., assistant professor of engineering management and systems engineering, Missouri University of Science & Technology
  • Patrick T. Hester, Ph.D., associate professor of engineering management and systems engineering, Old Dominion University

IIE Conference & Expo 2015 | SEMS Student Paper Competition sponsored by UPS®

UPS with Registered MarkThe fifth annual SEMS Student Paper Competition recognized seven highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students from United States and Mexico with diverse academic experiences. View this year’s top-three winners and abstracts 

SEMS Says | GEN Y, partnerships and social responsiblity at IIE Annual

As a member of IIE's Society for Engineering & Management Systems (SEMS), you regularly seek to support organizational transformation, increase competitiveness and improve sustainability and social responsibility. At our most recent IIE Annual Conference, there were several sessions that can help you reach these goals. Read some insights from some of them

International Perspective | Engineering and management systems skills: Bottleneck for Brazilian development?
Brazil experienced a period of great economic growth in the last 15 years. GDP per capita increased from $8,490 PPP (purchase power parity in international dollars) in 2000 to $16,096 PPP in 2014, according to data from the International Monetary Fund. A more balanced distribution of wealth and an increase in the number of families above the poverty threshold resulted from this growth. Read the full article 

Researcher's Perspective | Lean manufacturing diagnostic assessment

This study assesses the methods employed by three Trinidad and Tobago manufacturers attracted to the concept of lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing has been most widely adopted in capital intensive industries in highly industrialized countries. Read more about the study 

Sharing Knowledge | Let's read and share a book (SEMS Book Browse)

Book Browse - July 2015Engineering Patient Safety in Radiation Oncology by Lawrence Marks, Lukasz Mazur, Bhishamjit Chera, Robert Adams. Published by Productivity Press, ISBN-10: 1482233649 / ISBN-13: 978-1482233643 312 pages (April 2015). Hardcover

This book provides a conceptual framework of design, implementation as well as an evaluation of operational models that increase radiation therapy efficiency and effectiveness through proven and dynamic engineering concepts. It describes strategies implemented in the department to engineer an environment that minimizes the risk of error in radiation treatment.

Read more about the book

SEMS Member Spotlight | D. Scott Sink

cropped Scott SinkIn this issue, we include a member spotlight interview with D. Scott Sink, who was a featured speaker at the 2015 IIE Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. He spoke in the Engineering Management track about the Integrated LeanSigma Best in Class Case Study Panel. We asked him a few questions about his history being involved in SEMS and IIE and his professional career. SEMS provides a smaller community within IIE that not only allows me to connect with other people in this discipline but also encourages student involvement in a meaningful way. Enjoy this interview!

Lend a helping hand | Call for volunteers


If you are interested in volunteering for SEMS activities, contact Suzanna Long, SEMS president, or Daren Maynard, newsletter editor.

Industrial Management - July/August 2015   

July/August 2015

Industrial Management is the member publication of the Society for Engineering & Management Systems. The July/August 2015 issue features articles about improving the image of the pharmaceutical industry, three strategies to improve the implementation and increase leadership success with continuous improvement, finding alternatives to the formal performance appraisal process, the core elements of an energy management strategy and management methods for leading teams to better performance. And in SEMS Says, Suzanna Long identifies ways to fit volunteering into your life; Wiljeana Glover highlights important takeaways from the 2015 IIE Annual Conference and Expo.

SEMS Newsletter

The July 2015 issue of the SEMS Newsletter features a message from the president about the society's exciting initiatives and activities with an emphasis on SEMS global involvement. The winners of the SEMS 2015 Best Paper Award are announced (and you can read the winning paper) as well as the winners of the 2015 Student Paper Competition. Readers will find articles on sessions at IIE Annual Conference, management system skills in Brazil and a lean manufacturing diagnostic assessment.

The popular SEMS Book Browse is included as well as an interview with D. Scott Sink, who was a featured speaker at the IIE Annual Conference and Expo 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee.

  SEMS Newsletter 

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