IIE Best Practices in Applying Lean & Six Sigma to Healthcare 2013 


Healthcare is in crisis

What is a virtual conference?

A virtual conference is like a daylong webinar … easy to join and participate in from your desk! You need Internet access to view the slides and ask questions. And for the audio portion, you can either listen online or join by phone. The software we’ll use is GoToWebinar®. Click here to visit the GoToWebinar® website and determine whether your computer meets all of the necessary specifications. 

If you can’t make the entire program, especially for those of you west of the Eastern time zone, you’ll be able to view the recordings a few weeks after the conference. We just need some time to get it all uploaded for you! 

Lean and Six Sigma tools have worked with clinics, hospitals and other organizations to over a wide range of challenges including increasing patient capacity, reducing wait time in clinics and emergency rooms, decreasing scheduling time for surgeries and procedures, and reducing appointment cancellations and boosting incremental revenue. 

This one-day virtual conference, sponsored by the Society for Health Systems and the Georgia Hospital Association, provided case studies of lean and Six Sigma and how it has been used in healthcare. 

In the next few weeks, you will be able to purchase these presentations.

Top reasons to purchase access to the presentations

  • Reduced costs and increased capacity allow you to improve the quality of and reduce the cost of healthcare in the community. 
  • Enhance patient quality and safety through more stable processes that promote better outcomes, improved patient flow and reduced wait times, resulting in superior patient satisfaction. 
  • Avoid spending millions on new equipment and new facilities by reducing waste and inefficiency and making better use of current assets. 
  • Job enrichment results as healthcare professionals are empowered to use lean and six sigma tools and methods to solve problems as soon as they happen, rather than the frustration of always chasing symptoms and Band-Aid fixes. 
  • Ask direct questions of leading experts in the field of continuous improvement. 
  • No travel required – take it all in from wherever you can carry your computer.