Industrial Engineer Engineering and Management Solutions at Work

May 2016    |    Volume: 48    |    Number: 5

The member magazine of the Institute of Industrial and Engineers

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Why should a Young Professional become a member of IIE?

You are about to graduate college and are securing your first job in the "real world." Or you are making a career move, heading to a new city across the country and would like to meet new people. Maybe you are simply interested in networking with other Industrial Engineers in your area and want to learn about the companies that they work for. These are all great reasons to become a member of IIE, but there are many added bonuses of which you may not be aware.

Mission statement

Click here to view the mission statement and board of directors for IIE's Young Professionals Group.

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Reduced membership for recent graduate

For recent college graduates, money is always tight. While it may not initially appear so, an IIE membership is a very worthwhile investment and IIE wants to help new professionals continue their student membership without emptying their bank accounts.

  • First year graduates who are current student members can renew their membership for $77.
  • Existing students can join for just $35.

IIE magazines and Knowledge Center

As soon as you sign up, you’ll already begin to enjoy the benefits. In today’s job market, it pays to be knowledgeable about IE projects and studies happening in all industries and all over the world. The articles, peer-reviewed papers, blogs and resources available through IIE are second to none. Whether you are trying to attain a job in a new industry, or bringing an idea for a process improvement project to your boss; keeping informed about the Industrial Engineering world is essential.

  • Membership includes a subscription to Industrial Engineer, IIE’s award-winning magazine.
  • Reduced member pricing for peer-reviewed journals including IIE Transactions 
  • IIE Blogs covering a wide variety of industry topics.
  • IIE Knowledge Center – Thousands of case studies, newsletters, industrial engineering terminology, webinars and archived technical articles to get help with real issues from industry experts

Networking and events

The real highlight of IIE is the access to networking, regional and national conferences and local chapter events. Each year, IIE organizes numerous regional and one international conference. The conferences are filled with presentations from industry leaders and innovators, and networking events to connect IEs from all over the world. More frequent and generally smaller events are hosted by local chapters. The local chapter events are great to meet engineers in your area, become involved with your community and attend presentations of IE concepts, both academic and professional.

  • Conferences and seminars including the IIE Annual Conference at a significant discount.
  • Online member directory to find colleagues and subject matter experts.
  • Social networking through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Join a society or division and connect with peers in your specific industry or discipline.
  • Join a local chapter and meet those who live and work near you.

Professional development

Being an IIE member allows you access to the IIE website’s Career Center, which has thousands of up to date postings from companies looking for industrial engineers all over the country. In addition, members get free access to frequent webinars throughout the year, and special rates for professional training and development.

IIE chapter involvement

The most enjoyable way to get the most out of your IIE membership is to offer up your time to your local or regional chapter board of directors (BOD). Find the local chapter website and email one of the board members, mention that you’d like to volunteer for the next event or attend the next board meeting. If there isn’t a local chapter near you, contact your regional board. Meet the board and learn about what each person does, possibly try to join one of the positions for a few years. Being on a BOD or a committee is an excellent way to simultaneously help IIE grow, and maximize the benefits that IIE has to offer through involvement.

Additional information

IIE has some additional discounts and benefits that members can enjoy. To learn more, visit and click on "Details" in the appropriate membership plan.