Ergo Cup®/Awards


The conference schedule will provide dedicated time for attendees to visit the exhibit hall and take advantage of this unique collection of new products, solutions and ideas focused on ergonomics.

In addition to an impressive variety of vendors, the exhibit hall will showcase the annual Ergo Cup® exhibits. 

  Albion Caster 

Albion Caster - Booth #605/607 

As the material handling and heavy-duty experts for over 65 years, Albion's trusted industrial casters and wheels are capable of the most challenging applications. From custom to standard product, Albion ensures every application meets the performance and ergonomic requirements unique to each customer. Albion is a brand of Colson Group USA.



American Society of Safety Engineers - Booth #305 

Since 1911, the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) has helped OSH professionals expand their network, access best practices and real-world solutions and advance their careers. The 37,000 OSH professionals who are ASSE members take advantage of targeted content, networking and education across industries and common interests, including ergonomics, health and wellness, manufacturing, management and more.


The Andersen Company 

The Andersen Company - Booth #712 

The Andersen Company provides a complete product range of matting, which includes Industrial, Foodservice, Logo and Commercial matting styles that are next generation items, exceeding performance and styling of existing mats in every category. 


Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions 

Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions - Booth #312 

Atlas IPS serves over 15,000 U.S. cities. We provide physical demands analysis, pre-employment screens, ergonomics software and services, and on-site injury triage/physical therapy for manufacturing, commercial/public transportation, warehouses, offices, and healthcare. We provide a simple total solution especially for large multisite clients, systems, software, client training or on-site support.


 Auburn Engineers

Auburn Engineers - Booth #716 

Auburn Engineers is recognized worldwide for highly practical and creative approaches to ergonomics. Our proprietary, Web-based eTools software is now used for ergonomics analysis, engineering design, program management, job rotation, disability management, work methods and cost justification. We provide design and management processes, problem analysis and resolution and quality ergonomics training.


Barefoot Ergonomic Flooring by Beagle I, Inc. 

Barefoot Ergonomic Flooring by Beagle I Inc. - Booth #307 

Barefoot Ergonomic Flooring by Beagle I, Inc. is a manufacturer of ergonomic, anti-fatigue floor mats that use high quality rubber. Barefoot mats are highly effective safety mats that provide exceptional comfort for people who stand for long periods of time. Barefoot is a recipient of the most number of patents and awards than any other anti-fatigue ergonomic mats.



Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics - Booth #317 

Distinguish yourself! For 25 years, BCPE's credentials (CPE, CHFP, CUXP, AEP, AHFP, AUXP and CEA) have symbolized excellence in the practice of human factors, ergonomics and user experience. Stop by our booth to learn more about BCPE certification and how it can benefit you.


BodyBilt by ErgoGenesis - Booth #401 

BodyBilt ergonomic seating and accessories by ErgoGenesis is dedicated to building ergonomic workplace solutions that provide comfort resulting in increased productivity. The company's national sales force markets BodyBilt products to companies of all sizes, government entities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, emergency call centers and individuals throughout the U.S.


 Bureau Veritas North America, Inc.  Bureau Veritas North America Inc. - Booth #604

Bureau Veritas is a global Health, Safety and Environmental Consulting firm with a large ergonomics practice. We offer a full spectrum of ergonomics services – loss analysis; exposure assessments; 360 degree process evaluations; improvement recommendations and alternatives; program enhancement; training. Featured service: Prevention through Design and Digital Human Modeling

 Caster Connection 

Caster Connection - Booth #400/402 

Caster Connection will be featuring innovative ergonomic caster and wheel solutions such as CC Apex wheels, CC Stout wheels, CC Nylex wheels, CC Alpha rigs, CC Peak rigs, and more! Stop by booths 400 & 402 to learn how partnering with Caster Connection can prevent work-related sprain and strain injuries.


  Champion Manufacturing Inc. 

Champion Manufacturing Inc. - Booth #616 

Heavy-duty industrial anti-fatigue, anti-slip and conductive ESD matting products. Customizable work platforms and protective padding. Dieless cutting and laminating services for rubber, plastic and vinyl. Also offer agricultural matting and work area countertops built to order. Providing solutions for your toughest areas is our specialty.


 Contour Design 

Contour Design Inc. - Booth #506 

Contour Design's mission is to provide evolutionary products that allow people to work safely at their computers. Our RollerMouse products help eliminate the need to reach for or grip the mouse. RollerMouse is based on our ergonomic expertise and inspired by users to create ergonomic designs with ultra-high precision and quality.


CRC Press - Taylor & Francis Group  CRC Press - Taylor & Francis Group - Booth #417

CRC Press –Taylor & Francis Group is the premier publisher of professional reference books, textbooks, journals and electronic databases in the field of Human Factors and Ergonomics. Visit our booth to view our latest offerings and to get special show savings or see our collection online.

 Darcor Ltd. 

Darcor Ltd - Booth #207 

Darcor Casters and Wheels provides ergonomic solutions that mitigate risk to injury, increase efficiency and promote a healthier workplace. We accomplish this through the use of proprietary wheel technology that excessed ergonomic mobility standards.


 EKSO BIONICS  Ekso Bionics - Booth #416

Ekso Bionics is introducing an Industrial Ekso-System of Human Augmentation Products aimed at reducing fatigue and injuries in workers that often result in compliance, safety, health and productivity risks for companies. Augmenting strength and endurance in today’s workers will allow companies to extend the careers of these workers while opening careers to an expanded demographic of future workers.

   Electro Kinetic Technologies 

Electro Kinetic Technologies - Booth #606 

Electro Kinetic Technologies is an innovator of motorized ergonomic solutions. As engineers, we analyze the whole picture and provide the most effective standard or custom motorized equipment to improve both efficiency and safety in the workplace. We offer an extensive line of trusted brands for platform carts, scissor lift carts, electric tuggers, in addition to our custom engineering for payloads up to 40,000 pounds.


 Ergo Advantage  Ergo Advantage - Booth #204

Ergo Advantage is a manufacturer of modular anti fatigue matting specializing in anti-slip, ESD and 5 and 6S initiatives with the best warranty on the market. The underside allows for cord and wire management, and the different color and lighting options greatly improve the work area.

 Ergo Desktop  Ergo Desktop - Booth #602

Ergo Desktop offers many options to your sit/stand desktop solutions. We have an entry level desktop Wallaroo Jr, our most popular desktop Kangaroo Elite, and one of our newest additions - an Electric Kangaroo Pro. Our entry level desktop is dual ergonomic/single adjustment, and all other desktops are dual ergonomic/dual adjustment.

 Ergo Squad  Ergo Squad - Booth #617

We are consultants in ergonomic and human resource management, and our programs and solutions empower you with the ability to identify, measure and correct the factors that impede worker performance and put them at risk of injury. We provide ergonomic consultation, software and hardware.

 Ergokinetic Concepts Inc.  Ergokinetic Concepts Inc. - Booth #706

ErgokineticConcepts Inc. is the maker of the Spinalglide split-seat chair that allows and enhances motion of the pelvis, back and shoulder while sitting. Sitting mobility study done at Brunel University, London.

 ERGOMAT  ERGOMAT® - Booth #216/218

ERGOMAT® is a worldwide leader in supplying innovative ergonomic and safety tools to boost commercial and industrial productivity. Our extensive catalog of environment specific solutions offers answers for many unique health, safety and communication challenges in the progressive workplace.

 Ergonomic Assist Systems and Equipment (EASE) Council 

Ergonomic Assist Systems & Equipment (EASE Council) - Booth #501/503 

The Ergonomic Assist Systems & Equipment (EASE) Council is made up of material handling equipment manufacturers focused on providing effective ergonomic solutions for the manufacturing, assembly, warehousing, distribution and other industries in the supply chain. Our goal is to help find quality (sound) ergonomic solutions that improve the work experience and productivity.


 The Ergonomics Center of North Carolina 

The Ergonomics Center of North Carolina - Booth #313 

The Ergonomics Center of North Carolina is a membership-based organization housed in the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University. The Center provides ergonomics consulting, training programs and research for companies throughout the United States and Latin America.


   ErgoShield by Powerstep 

ErgoShield® by Powerstep® - Booth #314
ErgoShield® Occupational Insoles were designed to improve foot comfort and support on the job. Ergonomically constructed to provide users targeted and controlled cushioning with a supportive feel. A full range of products are available to help reduce foot pain and fatigue. Proud to be designed and manufactured in the USA.


 ERGOTRON  Ergotron - Booth #512

Ergotron is on a mission to transform sedentary work environments into places of movement and health, with products grounded in ergonomics. Ergotron is helping computer workers around the globe adopt active sit-stand workstyles that improve comfort, health and mood states, in turn impacting productivity and vitality. 

 FORM Premium Insoles  FORM Premium Insoles - Booth #212

Ergonomic MOLDABLE insole technology. Designed to FORM to a wide variety of foot and safety boot shapes providing essential support and superior comfort. Swing by for a sample and FORM your own opinion! www.FormInsoles.com 

 GOErgo_HighRes_RGB_72x275  GOErgo – Booth #517 

GOErgo, the Global Organization of Ergonomics, is a worldwide resource for the ergonomics profession dedicated solely to the support of the profession and individuals involved with improving workplace performance, quality, sustainability and employee availability.


Goldtouch - Booth #613 

Goldtouch will be featuring our ergonomic V2 Adjustable Comfort Keyboards, Go!2 Mobile Keyboards, ErgoSecure Keyboards, Ergonomic Mice, Numeric Keypads, Gels, Monitor Arms, and Laptop Stands.


 Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co. 

Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co. - Booth #213 

Hamilton Caster manufactures ergonomic-friendly casters, wheels, carts and trailers for industrial applications. Extensive push-pull and swivelability testing capabilities enable us to provide you the optimal solution for your application. Many Hamilton solutions are stocked for same-day/next-day PRONTO® shipment. Custom solutions are also available.



HealthPostures - Booth #113/115 

Our bodies are made to move. HealthPostures sit to stand ergonomic products encourage an energetic work environment and will provide a sit to stand ergonomic solution that will help prevent and alleviate pain associated with sitting at work. By using HealthPostures sit to stand ergonomic products you will feel energized and productive throughout your workday. HealthPostures sit to stand ergonomic products are proudly made in the USA.



Humantech - Booth #505/507 

For over 35 years, global companies have relied on Humantech for workplace improvements. By combining experienced, board-certified ergonomists with our proprietary assessment tools and comprehensive software, we deliver integrated solutions that impact safety, quality and productivity. At Humantech, we help companies do ergonomics right.


Impacto Protective Products Inc. 

Impacto Protective Products Inc. - Booth #414 

Impacto Protective Products Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of specialized ergonomic products aimed to provide worker protection from impact, vibration, cumulative trauma and repetitive strain injuries. Our line of Anti-Vibration Air Gloves® features certified protection from Hand/Arm vibration. Additional body protection include products such as Kneepads, Body pads, Anti-Fatigue insoles Anti-Vibration cushions and many more ergonomic PPE solutions.


Industrial Hygiene News 

Industrial Hygiene News - Booth #215 

Industrial Hygiene News features products and services that help keep employees safe and the company OSHA compliant. IHN informs and educates occupational safety and health professionals dealing with workplace safety, emergency response, indoor air quality as well as ergonomic issues.


 item America LLC 

item America LLC - Booth #316 

item is the developer and producer of the original modular aluminum system. For over 35 years, we’ve focused on creating innovative products of the highest quality. Our ergonomic Work Bench System is the perfect workstation solution. ESD compatibility options, optimized handling areas, and customized lighting solutions create optimum working environments.


 Kinetic Technologies 

Kinetic Technologies - Booth #306 

K Tec engineers and manufactures material handling carts, equipment and solutions focused on ergonomics and safety. Ensuring that your employees are operating within company ergo zone and safety guidelines, from push-pull limits to lifting, rotating and elevating, K Tec has a solution for you.


 Lean Factory America  Lean Factory America - Booth #117

Our products aid in the elimination of waste, a cornerstone of lean manufacturing. Some of these products include Movexx compact push/pull assists, tote/dolly lifters and height adjustable workstations. The result is increased health and safety, manufacturing efficiency and profitability for the customer.

 LOCTEK Ergonomic 

Loctek - Booth #513 

Loctek specializes in providing innovative ergonomic solutions to support overall workplace wellness. Our computer monitor mounts, sit-stand workstations and integrative office fitness products deliver a healthier working posture and add movement into your workday. We design and manufacture quality products for home, office, industrial, hospitality and retail environments.


 LTW Ergonomic Solutions 

LTW Ergonomic Solutions - Booth #105/107 

LTW Ergonomic Solutions has height adjustable workstations, machine bases, operator platforms, office desks and conference tables! If you’re serious about the safety and health of your staff and want to increase the productivity and morale of your company, we can make this a reality! Get Your Ergonomic On!™ 




MEGAComfort - Booth #714 

MEGAComfort's Anti-Fatigue Insoles are ergonomically shaped and Podiatrist-designed using DUAL-LAYER 100 percent memory foam. Unlike our competitors, MEGAComfort's Anti-Fatigue Insoles with over 10 years of R&D have been clinically proven and tested to reduce muscle fatigue and pain. MEGAComfort's new Protection Line includes a PR Insole, Steel-Toe Overshoe and Industrial Sock. Samples are available at Booth #714.


 OccFit Standing Solutions 

OccFit Solutions - Booth #206 

OccFit Solutions is the Rite-Fit to common workplace complaints. Certified fitters travel on-site to educate and measure for custom fit products designed to increase worker productivity and decrease work-related injuries and the time and cost associated with these injuries. Products include compression socks, orthotics and custom-molded arch supports.


 Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)  Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) - Booth #516

OSHA personnel are available to discuss ongoing initiatives supporting OSHA’s mission to assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards, providing training, outreach, and compliance assistance. Working together with you for Healthier Workers, Safer Workplaces, and a Stronger America. 

PHS West, Inc.  PHS West Inc. - Booth #413

Ergo-Express® motorized carts and tugs are a safe and efficient solution for moving heavy materials, equipment and supplies. With any of our motorized products one staff member can safely perform the same task that may currently take multiple trips or multiple staff.


Posturite Ltd - Booth #214 

Combining innovative products, expert consulting and unrivaled service has helped Posturite become Europe’s largest provider of ergonomic solutions for the workplace. Our Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse offers protection against Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injury. Posturite is uniquely positioned to help you reduce workplace injury and increase productivity.


  Remedy Interactive 

Remedy Interactive - Booth #704 

Remedy Interactive will be providing information on how you can address your ergonomic needs through the use of software. We will also be providing free trials of RSIGuard, our award-winning desktop ergonomic software solution. We look forward to discussing and solving your ergonomic issues!


 Safety In Motion 

Safety in Motion Inc. - Booth #412 

Safety In Motion Inc. will provide an overview of proprietary intellectual property designed to proactively prevent common musculoskeletal injuries, on and off the job. This showcase will highlight both the education and action process used by SIM Inc. clients and management teams to effectively drive behavior change and reduce injury rates.


 SailRail Automated Systems Inc. 

SailRail Automated Systems Inc. - Booth #201 

SailRail will be displaying their extensive line of ergonomically integrated industrial carts, including interactive demonstrations of carts interfacing with lifts, turns and tilts. These devices will be available for attendees to trial. A virtual presentation of specialty engineered industrial carts addressing specific ergonomic applications will also be showcased.



Spenco Medical Corp. - Booth #600 

For 47 years, Spenco has manufactured orthopedic insoles designed to support the body during long hours of standing/walking on hard surfaces. Adding Spenco insoles to any work boot or shoe can help to minimize workplace hazards like sprains, strains and lower back pain, allowing employees to focus on their tasks.


 Trilogiq USA 

Trilogiq USA - Booth #301/303 

Trilogiq USA was founded in 2000 and has steadily increased in solution capability to meet customers' needs. Trilogiq's expertise in material flow and ergonomics makes them your ideal partner to implement custom solutions. This expertise has been developed through hands-on work in industries including automotive, appliance, consumer goods and more.


 UNEX Manufacturing Inc.  UNEX Manufacturing - Booth #315

UNEX Manufacturing will be featuring Pick-Plank – the world’s only dynamic pallet order picking solution. This device converts static pallet positions into dynamic positions, improving ergonomics and productivity when picking from less than full pallet positions. Pick-Plank delivers increased storage density, safe picks and faster order fulfillment.


 University of Michigan 

University of Michigan Center for Ergonomics - Booth #615 

Ergonomic job analysis and design software developed by the University of Michigan Center for Ergonomics will be explained and demonstrated. Information will be available about continuing education and academic training opportunities in ergonomics and other occupational health and safety sciences.


 VelocityEHS  VelocityEHS - Booth #415

VelocityEHS/ErgoAdvocate now offers a comprehensive Office Ergonomics solution. It’s a Web-based system that empowers employees to prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). VelocityEHS gives companies without the resources and time to bring in a professional the tools to efficiently and effectively correct office ergonomics issues throughout the organization.

 Vestil Manufacturing  Vestil Manufacturing - Booth #514

Vestil Manufacturing is an industry leader in manufacturing industrial ergonomic and safety equipment, along with office ergonomic products, to better support every aspect of your business.



Wellnomics Ltd - Booth #404/406 

Wellnomics Ltd provides organizations with scalable solutions to streamline their office ergonomics program. Solutions include Web-based workstation assessment, ergonomics training, plus Wellnomics WorkPace breaks and exercises software. Enabling organizations to identify workplace risk, automate and manage injury prevention programs and create highly effective strategies that lead to risk reduction.


 Working Concepts, Inc. 

Working Concepts - Booth #407 

We design and manufacture ergonomic knee protection and standing mats. Our products are Soft Knees no strap knee pads, Ergokneel Kneeling Mats and Extreme Standing Mats for standing without pain.


 Wurf Board by JumpSport  Wurf Board by JumpSport - Booth #217

The Wurf Board is a highly supportive, lively, air-spring surface that encourages standing-desk users to make continuous micro movements, which improves blood flow so you can stand comfortably much longer. These subtle movements improve posture; strengthen feet, legs, core and back; and raise alertness, focus, and productivity. 100+ micro-workouts available.

Please note - we are not able to allow any visitors, attendees or exhibit staff under 17 years of age on the show floor.