Ergo Cup®/Awards

Facility Tours

Facility tours offer an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at ergonomics in action at various facilities in a variety of industries. An additional fee is required for each tour to participate.

Kennedy Space Center Tour
Monday, March 21
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Go behind the scenes at Kennedy Space Center (KSC), America’s gateway to space for more than 50 years. Tour participants will see the new the umbilical launcher platform that will be used to support the Space Launch System (SLS), historic launch pads, the 525-foot-tall Vehicle Assembly Building where the Saturn V moon rockets and space shuttles were stacked and prepared for launch, as will be the next crewed space program, the Orion capsule aboard the Space Launch System (SLS) and NASA’s 8-tracked crawler transporter that will carry the vehicle to the launch pad.

You’ll see the newly renamed Neil Armstrong Operations & Checkout Building, where astronaut crews spent the final days before their flights and departed for the launch pads aboard the Astrovan. In addition to a general tour of the site, your hosts will highlight ergonomics related activities at various facilities.

Facility Tour Notes:
This tour is limited to conference attendees who are US citizens. A government issued photo ID is required and there is a registration cutoff 2 weeks prior to the tour. Bags and carry items may be searched and no photography is allowed. Participants must wear flat, closed toe and closed heel shoes. Full-length trousers or slacks are required. Tank tops, mesh shirts, dresses, skirts, and/or shorts are prohibited.

No Firearms, pepper/mace sprays, knives or sharp items are allowed. Please wear comfortable walking shoes. All bags, purses and other items will be opened and inspected at the Visitors Complex. The tour route is handicap accessible.

Backstage Magic at Walt Disney® World Resort
Monday, March 21
9 a.m. – 11 a.m.

The flowers, trees and greenery that you see every day at Walt Disney World happens through a dedicated Horticulture team. Much of Horticulture work involves physical labor so tool improvements and equipment are essential to keeping our Cast Members safe and healthy. The tour will showcase the main greenhouses for Walt Disney World including our world class topiaries and plants. See how tool improvements and smart set-up has made a difference. Also see and hear our success stories with our 5S program which has contributed to overall safety.

Facility Tour Notes: 


  • There will be a short security check upon arrival to inspect bags 
  • Attendees will need ID such as driver’s license or military ID 
  • Cameras cannot be used during the tour 
  • There will be light to moderate walking (on flat surfaces) 
  • Long pants must be worn 
  • Shoes cannot be open-toe style but tennis shoes are allowed 
  • No firearms, explosives, etc. 

Orlando VA Medical Center
Monday, March 21
9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Tour attendees will have the opportunity to view the following:

  • Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Program 
  • Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Equipment: Ceiling lifts, floor based Lifts, air assisted lateral transfer devices, powered stretchers, Hovermatt/Hoverjack, powered wheelchair movers, Carendo shower chairs, lift seat, Evaculseds, Guldmann ceiling lift with body scoop (morgue) 
  • Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Education Classroom and Skill lab 
  • New state of the art VA Medical Center and Community Living Center 
  • Overview of the Medical Center layout and design, visit of a “non- operational” hospital inpatient setting 

Facility Tour Notes:
  • ID such as driver’s license or military ID 
  • No firearms, knives etc. 
  • Cameras cannot be used during the tour 
  • Considerable walking distance, comfortable shoes and clothing should be worn 
  • Shoes cannot be open-toe style but tennis shoes are allowed