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Thank you for your interest in IIE's webinars. These free one-hour presentations by knowledgeable professionals and experienced volunteers provide deeper insight into topics and issues involving industrial engineers and industrial engineering-related disciplines.

Most of these webinars are only accessible by IIE members. Those that are open to the public are so noted. To view many of our recordings, you may need to download this codec if the recording does not automatically start. To watch the recordings, users must be able to view Windows Media Files.

IIE members and others qualified to view designated webinars can also review the webinar archive and access past presentations.

Getting Ready for OSHA Ergo Investigation

Presented by AEC 2015/GOErgo - OPEN TO ALL
March 5 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenter: Gary Orr, P.E., C.P.E., ergonomist/human factors engineer, OSHA

All employers in the United States are required to provide a workplace that is free from recognized hazards. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for establishing employee safety and health regulations, educating employers on the regulations, and enforcing the regulations.

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Amorphous Calcium Phosphate Blended Polymer Coatings for Biomedical Implants

Presented by Manufacturing & Design Division
March 24 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenter: Salil Desai, Ph.D., associate professor, N.C. A&T State University

The osseointegration of biomedical implants within the host site is a key aspect to early recovery of patients. This webinar presents the deposition of polymeric coatings embedded with a novel amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) formulation using the direct-write inkjet method.

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Sparse Particle Filtering for Modeling Space-Time Dynamics in Distributed Sensor Networks

Presented by Computer & Information Systems Division
March 25 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenter: Hui Yang, Ph.D., assistant professor, University of South Florida

Wireless sensor network has emerged as a key technology for monitoring space-time dynamics of complex systems, e.g., environmental sensor network, battlefield surveillance network and body area sensor network. As a result, distributed sensing gives rise to spatially-temporally big data.

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Ergonomics in Risk Selection and Customer Service

Presented by AEC 2015/GOErgo - OPEN TO ALL 
April 2 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenter: William Boyd, senior vice president, risk control, CNA

This presentation will highlight how ergonomics-related injuries affect the selection and risk quality grading in writing commercial insurance business. We will show the results that manual material handling and ergonomics-related injuries has upon the frequency, severity and overall loss ratio within manufacturing and construction business.

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Flipped Classroom Approach for Teaching Engineering Economy

Presented by Engineering Economy Division
April 9 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenter: Kailash Bafna, Ph.D., professor, Western Michigan University

The webinar will discuss a step step-by-step approach to teaching Engineering Economy in a flipped classroom format and highlight the benefits to the students and the instructor.  Steps for a gradual transition from teaching this course in the traditional classroom format to the flipped classroom format will be presented.

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Strategies for Gaining Organizational Support to Attend the 2015 Annual IIE Conference

Presented by IIE Industry Advisory Board (IAB) - OPEN TO ALL
April 14 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenters: Douglas Rabeneck, senior manager, Accenture LLP and Bobby Smyth, director of operations, AMEND Consulting

Attending IIE’s Annual Conference can be a life changing experience. Gathering together with 1500+ members of the global industrial engineering community to network, share knowledge, review case studies, present research and introduce new practices/technology is both very educational and a lot of fun. Many attendees are able to obtain support from their employer or other organizations to fund some or all of their cost to attend the conference (e.g. registration fees, travel expenses, etc.).

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IEs Bring Profitability to Nonprofits

Presented by the Los Angeles/Orange County Chapter - OPEN TO ALL
April 30 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenters: Ted Mayeshiba and Stella Mahakian, University of Southern California

IIE Los Angeles Chapter supports community development programs locally by collaborating with local members to design and implement engineering projects, while creating transformative experiences and responsible leaders.

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