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As the Social Media Chair, I would like to alert everyone to become a member of the IIE Construction Division LinkedIn page. This is a great way to start conversation amongst cohorts and even learn something new! You will find on this page, I have posted a few articles that I have found interesting. Please feel free to post comments and other articles as well.

I look forward to our future interaction on the page!


Conference seminar on lean and safety

Laura Ikuma and Isabelina Nahmens, director and president-elect of the Construction Division, respectively, are hosting a special seminar at the IIE Annual Conference in Montreal. As they both point out, lean promotes the reduction of waste, but it also promotes increased safety, which can be a forgotten component of many lean analyses. In the workshop the presenters will show how lean events improve both safety and productivity in several sectors including healthcare, construction and manufacturing. Lean events including 5S and kaizen have been shown to reduce wtorksite hazards, improve the safety climate, and reduce ergonomic risks.

Workshop participants will come away with a better understanding of how lean can impact safety in addition to the more commonly cited productivity metrics and with tools to incorporate safety analysis into their own lean events. Do not miss that exciting presentation!

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