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Greetings partners,

This eNewsletter feels like the official launch of the Sustainable Development Division! Even so, this has been an event long in the making and a product of many people’s hard work and dedication.

Six years ago at the New England Regional IIE Conference, I gave a presentation on my work applying industrial engineering training and tools to address sustainable social, environmental and disaster recovery needs. The response from students who loved the IE approach to problem solving but were more interested in addressing societal than business issues was overwhelming. The following year my similar presentation at the IIE Annual Conference inspired then IIE board member Gloria Bender to advocate for IIE to make sustainability a new focal point.

During the next few years, along with Theresa Baker, we pushed forward with our efforts, hosting socials at the international conference and creating a LinkedIn group to support our blossoming Environmental and Sustainability Track, which came to fruition in 2011 with an applied solutions track as well as an ISERC track chaired by Eliseo Vilalta. This was also the year that the Division was officially formed by formally voting in a steering team, and defining our mission and bylaws. Then in 2012 the Sustainability Division went live with the option for IIE members to join the division becoming available on the IIE website.

At the IIE Annual Conference & Expo 2013 in Puerto Rico, Kate Fisher organized our first annual service day project which was a great success. We also completed our first full division election and we would like to congratulate the new president-elect Diana Berry as well as welcome new board member Claire Nelson and student board member Nelson Granda. We also thank Leah Copeland for volunteering to be the secretary/treasurer and the newsletter editor, and Brion Hurly for volunteering to be the webmaster.

So with this eNewsletter, we are launching a division built systematically by a large, diverse group of industrial engineers. We have everything in place to accelerate and with your help we can reach escape velocity.

We believe that IEs can make huge contribution to sustainable development, whether it's corporate, government, community, environmental, or disaster relief. Together we can help others recognize this, too, and use our combined talents to help our global community progress in a sustainable manner.

John M. Corliss Jr., P.E.
President, IIE Sustainable Development Division

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