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Hello friends,

It is often said that luck favors those who are prepared, and in midst of an economic recession, young industrial engineers find themselves well equipped, and very prepared for the future. With all companies looking to increase productivity and reduce costs, industrial engineering students are being hired left and right. While most occupations are expected to have average job growth in the next decade, industrial engineering is forecasted to grow by a whopping 20.3 percent, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

With such a bright future for the industrial engineering profession, I challenge all IE students to seek out and seize the careers you dream of. IEs have the ability to work in any industry, whether that be construction, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, or even government; and I firmly believe our IE tool set, business savvy minds, and interpersonal skills make industrial engineering the greatest major on earth.

Luck favors those who are prepared, and we as industrial engineers are certainly armed to the teeth.

I would also like to mention the Annual IIE National Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is fast approaching this May and I strongly urge everyone to attend.  Conferences are an unique and wonderful opportunity to meet other IE professionals and IIE students. The speakers and breakout sessions at National Conference are second to none, and the knowledge, camaraderie and connections you make at conference are priceless and lifelong. I hope and look forward to meeting many of you there this May!

Regardless of what you passion may be, I want all IE students to strive for it. If I can help you in any way, or if you have any questions about the Construction Division, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your support!


Ben Freidenberg
Student Liaison, IIE Construction Division
VP Brand Management, The Ohio State University Chapter



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