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President's message 

Dear members, 

I am happy to advise that our construction division’s leadership team has been working very hard to develop a strategic plan that will bring several interesting activities to our membership during 2013 and continuing through to 2015. I would like to say a special thank you to Matt Horvat our president-elect, and Prof. Isa Nahmens for their invaluable help in putting this plan together. We also owe a big thank you to Technical Vice President Eileen Van Aken for her guidance in the process.  

We now have a great team that is energized and excited about taking the division to the next level! In addition to our Board of Directors we now have the enthusiastic support of our newsletter editor Bobby Smyth, Social Media Coordinator Renee Ulstad, and Student Liaison Ben Friedenberg. 

Here is a sample of our Strategic Plan. The full plan will be posted on our website later thismonth.

Our goals for 2012-2015 are:  

  1. Attain and maintain green level status on all required categories in the Division Health Report  (Green level indicates good performance in keeping with IIE’s standards)
  2. Increase community by leveraging social media platforms
  3. Increase membership by an average of 10% per year – both professionals and students
  4. Increase the percentage of professional membership by 15% within 3 years
  5. Increase educational offerings presented to membership to at least 2 annually in addition to conference offerings
  6. Increase student membership and participation

To accomplish the above, several functions need to be staffed by our membership. We heartily invite you to step up and grow with us as we put industrial engineers on the map as part of the solution for a construction industry that needs help. Our committees are:

  • Membership
  • Newsletter/publications
  • Continuing education
  • Conference
  • Academic/research
  • Industry liaison
  • Social media/website support (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Awards – intra Division and IIE

We need your help in all these committees, and in particular, we are looking for members who would like to publish articles or papers about construction in the newsletter, or in the monthly IE magazine.  As part of our continuing education outreach we would also like to find volunteers to develop a webinar on a construction-related topic.

We are getting ready for the Annual Conference that will be held in Puerto Rico in May. We have set up exciting and informative programs for both the Solutions and Research tracks, chaired respectively by Matt Horvat and Prof. Laura Ikuma, ably assisted by Profs. Isa Nahmens and Brian Kleiner.  For members who plan to attend, please do not miss our Construction Town Hall meeting scheduled for Monday, May 20 from approximately 3:15 p.m. to 4: 35 p.m.  The Town Hall is part of the Construction Solutions Track that will start at 8:00 a.m. and continue throughout the day in the same room. Please check the schedule when we get closer to the conference, as the final times may vary somewhat.

There will be changes to the composition of the board in May when Matt Horvat assumes the presidency and I become past president. I would like to extend a special invitation to professional members with industry experience, especially, to step forward and assume an active role in our division.

In closing, I extend special congratulations to our colleague and Membership Director  George Gardner, P.E., on adding professional engineer credentials to his already outstanding accomplishments. I hope more of us will follow George’s example!

Best Regards, 

Lincoln Forbes, Ph.D., P.E.

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