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A GTFS-based Visualization Approach for Statewide Transit Network Analysis 

Assessing the current "state of health" of individual transit networks is a fundamental part of studies aimed at planning changes and/or upgrades to the transportation network serving a region. To be able to affect changes that benefit both the individual transit networks as well as the larger transportation system, organizations need to develop meaningful strategies guided by specific performance metrics. A fundamental requirement for the development of these performance metrics is the availability of accurate data regarding transit networks.

 Data Visualization: Getting Started

In today’s connected world, we have the ability to gather extensive quantities of data from many different sources. Making good use of this data is limited by our ability to understand the data content, interpret relationships in the data, and take action on what we find. Data visualization is a key part of this process and when done well, takes advantage of how humans process inputs to accelerate our understanding of the data content. This webinar will discuss the general topic of data visualization, cover key principles in human processing of charts, discuss criteria for selecting visualization tools, and demonstrate the construction of visualization for a sample data set.

Collaborative Systems for Education, Innovation and Supply Networks

How can computer and information systems overcome the difficulties of locating, integrating and sharing distributed knowledge for better decisions and better understanding? The integration of Collaborative Intelligence with Collaborative Control Theory are reviewed, explained and illustrated: They can enable significant improvement in exiting Internet and HUB based services by optimizing knowledge sharing and decisions. This webinar will describe applications in networks of cultural exchange, education and training, healthcare, manufacturing and supply networks.

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