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Toyota Production System: An Integrated Approach to Just-in-Time, 4th Ed. (hardcover)
A bestseller for almost three decades, Toyota Production System: An Integrated Approach to Just-In-Time supplies in-depth coverage of Toyota's production practices, including theoretical underpinnings and methods for implementation. Exploring the latest developments in the Toyota Production System (TPS) framework at Toyota, this new edition updates the classic with new material on e-kanban, mini-profit centers, computer-based information systems, and innovative solutions to common obstacles in TPS implementation.

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Product Code:TOYOTA4
List Price:$69.95
Member Price:$59.95

Handbook of Industrial Engineering, 3rd Ed. (hardcover)
The unrivaled masterwork of Gavriel Salvendy covers of a broad spectrum of industrial engineering concepts and applications. In addition to containing a vast array of timely and useful methods for achieving increased productivity, quality, and competitiveness, this comprehensive text provides a cohesive structure to the discipline of industrial engineering. The handbook is an immensely useful one-stop resource.
Product Code:IEBOOK3
List Price:$299.00
Member Price:$239.00

Review for the Professional Engineers Examination in Industrial Engineering, 4th Ed. (paperback)
W.J. Kennedy and Daniel Rogers definitive P.E. exam review book covers all the bases you’ll need to know to pass the certification test.
Product Code:REVIEW
List Price:$100.00
Member Price:$90.00

Sample P.E. Exam in Industrial Engineering (paperback)
Answer sample questions to ready yourself for the P.E. exam, then see how well you did.
Product Code:PEEXAM
List Price:$78.00
Member Price:$73.00

IIE Goldtone Membership Pin
Wear your professional affiliation proudly with this sophisticated lapel pin. Approximately 1/2-inch square, the pin features a safety clasp to keep it securely in place.
Product Code:PINIE
List Price:$4.95
Member Price:$4.95

Industrial and Systems Engineers Make a Difference Everywhere DVD
An upbeat, interesting way to introduce students to the profession, this video presents real IEs on their own turf, working at such diverse organizations as NASA, Lockheed Martin, Walmart, Walt Disney World, Hershey, and others. Use it at high school career days, in chapter meetings, and to educate guidance counselors.
Product Code:CDVHS
List Price:$25.00
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